2017 Program*

TARS 2017 presents a comprehensive agenda featuring state-of-the-industry and science by invited leading local and international industry experts. The two-day meeting aims to promote positive image building and improving relationships and communication among the key players in the finfish sector, different markets, governments and NGOs.

Among the topics to be addressed are opportunities for growth with strategic approaches; efficient production via industrialisation, integration and controlled production systems; R&D on genetics, production technology and diseases; generic marketing, branding and value addition, and the development of support industries.

Plenary Sessions

Day 1: Wednesday, August 16 2017
0715-0755 Registration
Session 1: State of Industry and Challenges
0800-0810 Welcome Remarks
0810-0840 State of Industry on Finfish Farming in Asia: Development Areas and Reputation Management
Einar Wathne, Cargill Aqua Nutrition, Norway
0840-0910 Growing Finfish in Indonesia
Erwin Suwendi, PT Suri Tani Pemuka, Indonesia
0910-0940 State of Industry and Challenges Challenges in China’s Finfish Farming
Niels Alsted, BioMar Group A/S, Denmark
0940-1010 Challenges Faced by a Marine Finfish Farming Business
Laura Khor Li Imm, KS Aquaculture Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
1010-1030 TEA BREAK
Session 2: New Realm of Asian White Fish
1030-1100 Lessons from the Mediterranean: Strategies with Competition
Hervé Lucien-Brun, Aquaculture Consultant, France
1100-1130 Increasing Value through Technology
Olivier Decamp, INVE Aquaculture, Thailand
1130-1200 Moving the Pangasius up the White Fish Ladder
Jonathan Wilson, GODACO, Vietnam
1200-1240 Q&A (Sessions 1 & 2)
1240-1400 LUNCH
Session 3: Production, Health and Environment
1400-1430 Palatability Drivers in Fish Diets: From Modes of Actions to Applications for Quantifiable Enhanced Feed and Fish Performances
Philippe Sourd, Diana Aqua – Aquativ, France
1430-1500 Parasite Prevention in Fish Farming
Francisco E. Montero, University of Valencia, Spain
1500-1530 Responsibility for the Environment Starts with Feed
Thomas Wilson, Aquaculture Nutrition Consultant, Thailand
1530-1600 TEA BREAK
Session 4: Performance Feeds & Cost Efficiency
1600-1630 Nutrition, Feed Formulation and the Commercial Field Realities
Dominique Bureau, University of Guelph, Canada
1630-1700 Early Weaning with High Performance Larval Feeds
Luís Conceição, SPAROS Lda, Portugal
1700-1730 New Tendencies and Challenges in Aquafeed Formulation: Focus on the Mycotoxin Issue
Michele Muccio, BIOMIN Holding GmbH, Austria
1730-1815 Q&A (Sessions 3 & 4)
Day 2: Thursday, August 17 2017
Session 5: New Frontiers in Finfish Farming
0800-0830 A Future with Fishmeal-Free Diets
Anant S Bharadwaj, Integrated Aquaculture International (iAqua), USA
0830-0900 Benchmarking: The Salmon Model
Bent Pedersen, DSM Nutritional Products A/S, Denmark
0900-0930 Critical Success Factors for Marine Fish Farming: Kill the Pathogens or Live with Them!
Alain Michel, Aquaculture Consultant, France
0930-1000 Q&A SESSION
1000-1030 TEA BREAK
1030-1300 Interactive Breakout Group Session (Strategies for Growth)
Group 1 – Performance & Functional Feeds
Group 2 – Marketing, Image & Sustainability
Group 3 – Production Efficiency & Industrialisation
1300-1430 LUNCH
1430-1530 Hard Talk with Finfish Farmers
Hard-hitting questions on farming models, challenges, successes and opportunities
1530-1745 Breakout Group Report Session
(incorporating Tea Break)
1530-1700 Group presentations
1700-1745 Q&A and discussion

* Program subject to change.

Hard-hitting questions on business and farming models, challenges, successes and opportunities.


Interactive Breakout Roundtable Sessions

“Strategies for Growth”

The plenary presentations will set the tone for the interactive breakout roundtable sessions. Led by a group leader, participants will break into groups of 10 delegates/table to discuss issues and challenges impacting Asia’s finfish aquaculture industry; identify opportunities and recommend strategic approaches towards market-driven production. Leaders from each group will present a summary of the output at the Report Session.

The three breakout groups will focus on: