2018 Program

TARS 2018 features a vibrant speaker program that will address a range of topics, from the current state of Asia’s shrimp aquaculture industry, to new approaches for improving shrimp production, higher level of control, productivity and cost efficiency, and transformation to ensure the future of the industry.

Plenary Sessions

Session 1: State of the Industry & Challenges
State of the industry on shrimp farming in Asia
Vietnam: Evolving and geographical differentiation
Fast and furious and limits to growth in India
Post EMS in Mexico and industry challenges
Session 2: Productivity in the Supply Chain
Update on current disease threats in Asia & managing trigger points
Different horses for different courses: Revisiting SPF/SPR/SPT
Nursery and early nutrition in controlled environments
Pond site post harvest handling, recovery and product quality
Session 3: Nutritional and Health Interventions
Mitigating disease through gut health. Does it work?
Vannamei shrimp nutrition: Asia versus South America
Nutrition for robust shrimp and new feeding concepts
Session 4: Revival of BT Shrimp
Push and pull factors in BT revival
BT genetics: Today and tomorrow
Session 5: Attracting Investments
Production efficiency, improving profitability and reducing risks
Investing in Asia’s shrimp industry: Investor’s perspective
Meeting investor’s requirements at farm level: Producer’s perspective

also featuringHard Talk with Young Shrimp Farmers
Breakout Roundtable Sessions with Panel Discussions

* Program subject to change.