Jonathan Wilson

Executive Director, GODACO, Vietnam

Mr. Jonathan Forrest Wilson is Executive Director of Godaco Seafood and an advisor for Navis Capital. Currently based in Ho Chi Minh City, Jonathan graduated with a BS in Chemical Engineering from Catholic University. Beginning his career at Unilever’s National Starch and Chemical, Jonathan held various roles including manufacturing, product development, marketing and sales. In 1994, he relocated to Asia where he built profitable companies in both agribusiness and industrial businesses with roles in top management, operations and business development. Jonathan joined The Gold Coin Group in 2009 as COO. In late 2013, he took a sabbatical to focus on his ageing parents. Subsequently he became CEO and Group Managing Director and board member of Hong Leong Industries, a Malaysian listed company. Jonathan’s passion for aquaculture led him in 2015 to GODACO and Navis where he is working to move Pangasius up the value chain and improve its perception in the mind of the consumer. Jonathan has an MBA in finance from Rutgers University.