Alain Michel

Aquaculture Consultant, France

Mr Alain Michel is an aquaculture consultant based in France. He is currently involved in numerous aquaculture projects, namely barrumundi (Sri Lanka), sea cucumber (Madagascar), shrimp (Mozambique), and frog (France). He received his Agriculture Engineering degree from The National Agronomical Institute in Paris in 1960, where he majored in chemistry, and a master’s in Oceanography from Jussieu University, Paris in 1965. He then joined ORSTOM, now IRD (Institute Research and Development) and worked in New Caledonia, as a biologist, researching the tuna food chain in the South Pacific. During this period, he studied the plankton of the lagoon of Mururoa Atoll. He then joined the newly created French government agency, CNEXO to investigate the potential of tropical aquaculture. Alain participated in the development of the Centre Océanologique du Pacifique (COP), a new laboratory in Tahiti and with a team of biologists, conducted the first aquaculture studies on freshwater prawns, marine shrimp, mollusks and finfish. In the 1980s, thanks to its research results, the COP team, known under the name “Aquacop” in its publications, was involved in the development of the shrimp farming industry with private companies in Ecuador, Colombia, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, and Fiji. Its members pioneered the mass production of postlarvae in hatcheries from captive shrimp. As CEO of Sanofi Aquaculture (1990-1993), Alain developed various joint ventures for shrimp aquaculture in Thailand and Mexico; and seabass and seabream hatchery in Greece. He worked as full time consultant at Fega Marikultura in Indonesia from 1999-2014, focusing on disease and pathogens in finfish aquaculture.