Anant S Bharadwaj

Director of Nutrition, Integrated Aquaculture International (iAqua), USA

Dr Anant Bharadwaj is presently Director of Nutrition at Integrated Aquaculture International (iAqua) and is based in St. Louis, USA. He manages shrimp nutrition research at iAqua and is also involved with product development. The focus of research has been on reduction of fishmeal and fish oil in shrimp feeds, development of protein concentrates for shrimp, development of maturation feeds, and the evaluation of genetic variation in shrimp for higher utilization of dietary plant protein. Prior to joining iAqua, he was Manager of Aquaculture Nutrition research at Novus International, St. Louis, USA where he conducted research in several areas such as amino acid and mineral nutrition, gut health and gut environment modifiers, pigments, antioxidants, enzymes and feed cost reduction. Earlier, he worked at Purdue University where he focused on nutritional requirements and diet development in different aquatic animal species, fishmeal and fish oil extension and the use of molecular approaches in understanding nutrient metabolism in aquatic animals. Anant completed his doctorate in Aquatic Animal Nutrition at Purdue University and also studied at the University of Tasmania and the University of Rhode Island.