Benchmarking: The Salmon Model

Dr Bent Pedersen, Global Category Manager – Aquaculture, DSM Nutritional Products, Denmark

This presentation will explain how the salmon industry developed from a rather basic level in the 80´s to the present day high tech production with focus on intensive farming, sustainability, profitability and consumer perception. Besides outlining this development, the presentation will highlight subjects and technologies from the salmon industry of direct relevance and inspiration for warm water aquaculture.

Extruded feed soon became the standard and based on years of intensive research, feed composition gradually changed from fish meal/fish oil to a diversified blend of low level fish meal/fish oil plus a range of plant ingredients and ex Europe, also animal based feed components. Farming technologies developed into intensive production systems, with automated feeding and dynamic quality control.

Alongside advances in salmon production and increased output, more and more attention is being paid to sustainable and ethical production, environmental factors, fish product processing and consumer perception of farmed fish. This includes, for example, in Norway salmon farming happens virtually without the use of antibiotics but by vaccination and immune stimulation through nutrition.

The key to success has been cooperation between authorities, research, the industry and marketing.