Nutrition, Feed Formulation and the Commercial Field Realities

Dr Dominique P Bureau, Professor and Scientist, University of Guelph, Canada

Aquaculture feed manufacturers in Asia are facing numerous and significant challenges. The large number of species produced, diversity of production systems and strategies used and difference in market preferences are forcing aquaculture feed manufacturers to produce a diversity of feed types for different fish species. They have to achieve this with costly and imperfect ingredients, low profit margins and only having to rely on a relatively limited public “knowledge base” for many of these species and feed ingredients. Important commercial field production issues, such as diseases, environmental and technological limitations, low profitability of their clients, are creating additional challenges that aquaculture feed producers cannot ignore. How can aquaculture feed manufacturers better cope with these commercial realities? Where are the gaps in information and know how? How can they systematically and effectively identify what works better and works less well? How can effective R&D efforts and interventions be undertaken to address these challenges? This presentation will attempt to bring insight and suggest effective solutions.