State of Industry on Finfish Farming in Asia: Development Areas and Reputation Management

Dr Einar Wathne, President/Group Leader, Cargill Aqua Nutrition, Norway

This presentation will provide an overview of the finfish industry in Asia. It will start with the market of farmed finfish and determine market perceptions. It will also discuss on how to give farmed finfish more identity in the marketplace. In order to improve the status in the market, as well as improve the profitability for the farmers, the presentation will review:

  • Health challenges
  • Good quality juveniles
  • Breeding
  • Nutrition – making the right feed choices
  • Sustainability and responsible sourcing

On sustainability and responsible sourcing, examples will be used to illustrate how sustainability and reputation management has been improved through organizing stakeholder and keystone players, as individual companies do not have the size and legitimacy to succeed.