Luís Conceição

CEO and R&D Director, SPAROS Lda, Portugal

Dr Luís Conceição is CEO and R&D Director at SPAROS Lda. He has an MSc from ICBAS/Porto University (Portugal) and a PhD from Wageningen University in the Netherlands. He previously held positions as post-doc at SINTEF Aquaculture (Trondheim, Norway) and as researcher at CCMAR / University of Algarve (Faro, Portugal). Luís has over 20 years experience in sustainable aquaculture and fish nutrition. He has coordinated several research projects and supervised PhD students in fish larval nutrition at SPAROS and the CCMAR/University of Algarve. He has worked on several R&D and training projects involving fish larval nutrition in Norway, Spain, Vietnam, Brazil and Denmark. Luís was vice-chair of COST action LARVANET (2008-2013), a network of European researchers and fish larvae producers. He is the co-founder of Sparos Lda, a start-up that was initiated from the CCMAR/University of Algarve.