Erwin Suwendi

Head of Nutrition and QC, Aquaculture division of JAPFA Group, Indonesia

Mr Erwin Suwendi is Head of Nutrition and QC at Aquaculture division of JAPFA Group, one of the leading agri-food companies in Asia. He received his MSc in Nutritional Biochemistry from Hokkaido University, Japan in 2011 where his work primarily focused on impact of food components on gastrointestinal health. He further advanced to satisfactorily complete “The Advanced Aquaculture Nutrition Training Program” with the UG/OMNR FNRL, University of Guelph, Canada in 2012. Erwin currently leads nutrition and formulation, feed technology and applied nutritional research with emphasis on reinventing cost-effective nutritionally balanced diet as well as minimizing waste output of aquaculture operation through nutritional strategies. He is also actively involved in mentoring research programs for local undergraduate and master students to fulfill their academic needs and gain practical skills in aqua nutrition.