Catherine Lee May Ying

Senior Manager, Group Corporate Sales & Marketing, Blue Archipelago Bhd, Malaysia

Ms Catherine Lee May Ying is Senior Manager, Group Corporate Sales & Marketing at Blue Archipelago Bhd, a 800-ha and 450-pond marine shrimp farm in Peninsula Malaysia. She is responsible for the company’s processing plant and sales, marketing and branding. A major achievement was the creation of the “Pelagos” brand (vannamei shrimp) that has since penetrated into the emerging markets with the successful listing of the brand in China’s mainstream supermarkets and contracts to supply to the shrimp markets in New Zealand and France. The company has also developed a new concept product, the “Ready to Cook Shrimp” series to elevate shrimp from a commodity product to a lifestyle product. Catherine has initiated different sales channels, from ex-farm to export, domestic food and services, and retail. She regularly leads the marketing team to seafood trade events in China, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Brussels to increase the company’s visibility and generate brand awareness. A BEc graduate from Flinders University, Australia, and fluent in English, Mandarin and three Chinese dialects, Catherine is a seasoned international marketer, with over 10 years of experience with the China market. She started her marketing career with Lion Foods China Pte Ltd, Shanghai, China in 1994.

Topic: Push and Pull in Black Tiger Shrimp Farming: A Malaysian Experience