A Shrimp’s Eye View: Nutritional Modulation to Immune Function

Dr M A Kabir Chowdhury, Global Technical Manager – Aquaculture, Jefo Nutrition Inc., Canada

The extraordinary growth of global-fed aquaculture growth in the last three decades has been slowing down in recent years. To reinstate the growth trajectory, in this globalized world, we need to rethink, reinvent and restructure the farming operations, traceability issues, markets and marketing strategies, and finally, nutrition and feeding.

The future of aquaculture nutrition is managing stress and preventing disease outbreaks by nutritional modulation. For quite some time, the scientific community has been focusing on improving bioavailability of nutrients (for growth performance and reducing nutritional wastes) and some haphazard work around gut health.

To manage stress and prevent frequent disease outbreaks in shrimp that cause significant economic losses worldwide, we need to understand more about mechanism of immunity and as well as the mechanism of various feed-based solutions for crustaceans.

The current understanding is quite inadequate and doesn’t comprehensively explain the internal mechanism of the target animals at cellular level. If we want a sustainable industry without having frequent disease outbreaks every few years, we need to focus on immunity of the animals. And we should start focusing now.

This presentation will mainly focus on immunity in crustacean and how we can modulate crustacean immune function with various feed-based nutritional solutions.