Soraphat Panakorn

Technical Sales & Support Manager, Novozymes Biologicals, Thailand

Mr Soraphat Panakorn is Technical Sales & Support Manager Aquaculture at Novozymes Biologicals and Vice President, Thailand Aquaculture Business Association (TABA). He is a specialist in feed and farm management and in shrimp farming. In this capacity, he is responsible for marketing and technical support to shrimp farms globally, namely Mexico, Ecuador, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand.

Soraphat received his Bachelor’s Degree in Fisheries Technologies from the Prince of Songkhla University in 1997, and began his career in aquaculture as a shrimp farm technician at White Crane Co Ltd in Thailand’s Chacheangsao Province. From 1998 to 2003, he was responsible for aquaculture product sales at Siam Sitto Co. and Agro Development and Business, covering the area around the Gulf of Thailand in the south. From 2002 to 2009, he worked as a shrimp farm consultant and marketing manager in Thailand and Malaysia, and later as aquaculture specialist at Avanti Feeds in India, and technical and marketing support manager for Intecq Feeds in Thailand.

Soraphat has written more than 200 articles in Thai on shrimp aquaculture for local magazines and has more than 15 articles in
English and translated into Korean, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesia, Telugu, Urdu and Chinese languages.

Topic: Towards Production Efficiency: The Thai Shrimp Model