Suraphol Pratuangtum

President, Thai Marine Shrimp Farmers Association, Thailand

Dr Suraphol Pratuangtum is President of the Thai Marine Shrimp Farmers Association and CEO of Bang Go Farm. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science and PhD in Dentistry from Mahidol University. With more than 30 years of experience in shrimp farming, Suraphol is also co-founder of the Suratthani Shrimp Farmers Club. He served in the Technical Committee on the Elaboration of the Thai Agricultural Standard on Marine Shrimp for Good Aquaculture Practices for the Marine Bio-Shrimp Farm under the Thai Agricultural Standard. Aside from Thailand, Suraphol continues to represent the industry internationally as an invited and keynote speaker at several shrimp conferences in China, Australia and the USA.

Topic: Towards Production Efficiency: The Thai Shrimp Model