A Nutritional Solution against White Spot Syndrome Virus on Pacific White Shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei tested in Ecuador

Mr Thiago Soligo, Regional Aquaculture Category Manager, DSM, Costa Rica

Viral disease has been the major issue for shrimp culture, limiting its expansion during the past two decades. One of the most widespread viruses affecting shrimp farming is the White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) that can cause an 80-100% mortality rate. The outbreaks destroyed the entire population of shrimp farms in just a few days.

Since 1999, Latin America has had substantial losses due to WSSV. Feeds have been supplemented with antibiotics or other chemicals as therapeutic or preventive measures. However, none of them had a real impact on WSSV. Vaccination remedies are also not a viable option because shrimp do not have an adaptive system.

With the current intensification efforts being led by shrimp-producing countries in Latin America, special attention should be paid to WSSV, as already experienced in Asia.

Aiming to reduce the impact on mortality of shrimp contaminated with WSS virus, a nutritional solution was proposed and tested to improve shrimp immune status and survival against the WSSV challenge. The results of a trial at the CENAIM research laboratory in Ecuador will be discussed.