Waldo Nuez-Ortin

Waldo Nuez-Ortin, Aqua Lead Scientist, Nutriad, Spain

Dr Waldo Nuez-Ortin recently joined Nutriad as Aqua Lead Scientist. Previously as researcher and lecturer at the James Cook University (Australia), his interest revolved around understanding how production strategies and environmental stressors impact growth efficiency, health and product quality, and developing new feeding strategies accordingly. Waldo holds a PhD in Aquaculture Nutrition from University of Tasmania (Australia), a MSc in Animal Nutrition from University of Saskatchewan (Canada), and a Degree in Veterinary Medicine from University of Zaragoza (Spain). He has a strong background in aquatic nutrition supported by more than 13 years of combined academic and industry experience, with particular focus in the evaluation and development of novel feed ingredients and additives and in the transfer of research findings into commercial application.

Topic: Sustainable Shrimp Feed: In Search of Novel Ingredients and Functional Additives to Power the Shrimp Feed of the Future