Sustainable Shrimp Feed: In Search of Novel Ingredients and Functional Additives to Power the Shrimp Feed of the Future

Dr Waldo Nuez-Ortin, Aqua Lead Scientist, Nutriad, Spain

Given the increasing price and fluctuating availability of quality raw materials, optimization of cost-efficiency of the shrimp feed demands a creative mind from the feed formulator. Novel protein and oils sources are generally higher in essential nutrients than vegetable sources used nowadays and can compensate for some of the nutritional gaps derived from the increasingly reduced inclusion levels of fish meal and fish oil. Still, the supply and availability of many nutrients resulting from the incorporation of novel ingredients will not be comparable to fish meal- and fish oil- based feeds, and thus the use of functional feed additives with digestibility enhancing properties will remain as an important strategy to extract more nutritional value of each kilogram of feed

This presentation will deliver an overview of novel ingredients and functional feed additives that can upgrade of the nutritional value of current shrimp feeds and contribute to securing high production efficiency and good health of shrimp in the future.