Abung Simanjuntak
Technical Expert Manager – Aqua Region Greater APAC


Abung is Technical Expert Manager – Aqua Region Greater APAC at dsm-firmenich, based in Indonesia since 2018. He has a background in aquaculture focusing on feeding management and fish and shrimp health.

He began his career in the aquaculture industry as a research assistant for vannamei shrimp farming in floating net cages from 2014 to 2016 and for the past eight years, he has been heavily involved in business development for aquaculture, in these areas:

  • Developing application of feed additive application (enzymes, organic acids, mycotoxin, probiotics, essential oils and etc) in feedmills & farms
  • Improving health management in commercial fish and shrimp farms
  • Improving water quality management for shrimp farms
  • Analyzing farm data performance to deliver solutions to improve productivity

Abung has a Master’s degree in Aquaculture Science from Bogor Agricultural Universiti, Indonesia.

Speaker Precision Fish Nutrition, Health Interventions and Feed Efficiency
Presentation    Tilapia Farming: From Exposed to Protected


Tilapia farming practices have evolved considerably over the years. The farming methods used today constantly expose fish to pressure from pathogens, environmental fluctuations and other production stressors, with negative impacts on survival and productivity.

In the last ten years, the mortality rate of tilapia has risen to up to 90 % due to their extreme susceptibility to diseases. Several new bacterial and viral diseases have been identified in tilapia farming worldwide. These challenges highlight the complexity and difficulties faced by tilapia farmers to protect their fish. Addressing these challenges through sustainable practices and innovative solutions is critical to the long-term viability of the industry.