Achmad Wahyudi*
Technical Director
PT Grobest Indomakmur

Achmad Wahyudi is currently Technical Director, PT Grobest Indomakmur. In this capacity, he leads and directs the Technical Service and Aquaculture Technology Development team to support commercial success and build productive relationships with customers.

He is also General Manager/Senior Technical Advisor at PT Sentra Budidaya Biotek (member of SKB Group) since 2017 where he leads an operation unit of shrimp farming and key related projects such as hatchery to become an integrated aquaculture company. From 2006-2017, Achmad served as Director at PT Central Proteina Prima, in charge of farming and hatchery operations with an annual production of 10 billion post larvae.

Achmad holds a bachelor’s degree in Fisheries and Marine Science from the University of Brawijaya Malang, Indonesia.

Session 4 Matching Industry Needs with Precision Shrimp Nutrition, Health Interventions and Feed Efficiency
Presentation Optimized Feed and Feeding Protocol for Increased Profitability and Reduced Environmental Impact


In addition to being hit by the increasing price of inputs, diseases, climatic changes and the volatile farmgate price, shrimp farmers also face increased pressure to produce more sustainably. The optimization of feed formulations regarding cost and performance requires a strong technical follow-up in the farm to reap their full benefits. The strategy has to be adapted to the conditions (access to water and quality of water), farming infrastructure, level of disease challenges and technical expertise of farmers, etc. This presentation will share data from crops from various set-ups documenting the effect of feeding protocols on cost of production and on the environmental impact.

*Co-authors: Dany Yukasano, Januar Pribadi, Olivier Decamp