Bancha Sukkaew

Department of Fisheries

Bancha Sukkaew has been the Deputy Director-General of the Department of Fisheries, Thailand since 2020. On 26 December 2023, the Cabinet made the decision to endorse him as the new Director-General of the Department of Fisheries. Currently, the appointment is pending approval from King Rama X. Bancha has a great reputation for being a pioneer in fisheries and aquaculture. His primary focus is on fishery policies aimed at supporting farmers, small-scale fishers, and stakeholders in fisheries and aquaculture.

Since 2010, he has led many successful projects which contributed to the promotion of fisheries and aquaculture in Thailand to become more efficient, sustainable, inclusive, and resilient. In 2019, he initiated main projects such as the Loan Project to enhance the liquidity of small processors to strengthen the local fishing community in coastal fisheries, and the Model Organization on Human Rights. Moreover, in the view of regional and international fisheries cooperation, Bancha focuses on and follows issues on environment and human rights which are vital and impact stakeholders in fisheries and aquaculture.