Chelsea Andrews
General Manager, Asia
XpertSea Quebec

Chelsea Andrews has been driving business development for XpertSea since 2015 and currently acts as the General Manager of Asia. During her tenure, she has worked with hundreds of shrimp hatcheries and farms across Asia and is passionate about providing producers with the tools needed to create a more sustainable industry. Chelsea holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Smith College in Massachusetts, USA and a Masters in Business from Rensselaer Polytechnic in New York,

Session 7 Future Growth Needs Big Invesments And Big Data
Presentation Production Predictability With AI And Big Data In Asia’s Shrimp Farms


Today, in pockets across Asia, artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analytics are changing how shrimp farming is being carried out. While the technology to transform the industry is out there, a complete transformation relies on stakeholder support to provide ongoing data inputs, and subsequently apply the new information back into their systems.

With the risk of disease outbreaks increasing each year, shrimp farming in Asia needs to show greater predictability to attract investments.  Not only does this mean the ability to control diseases, but also the ability to manage costs and accurately predict harvests – which requires attested knowledge of stocking density and survival rate at each step along the production cycle.

In this presentation, I will discuss how at XpertSea, big data is being used to predict shrimp growth and population distribution, and how AI and computer vision, in combination with a statistical analysis of population sampling, are being used to increase the predictability of shrimp farming data. With stronger prediction capabilities, AI holds the key to a modern aquaculture supply chain by providing farmers greater access to buyers, faster harvest payments and the guidance to achieve greater profitability through optimal operations.