Craig Browdy
Director of Research and Development
Zeigler Bros Inc.

Craig Browdy, PhD. is currently, Director of Research and Development for Zeigler Bros Inc., an innovative global specialty feed company. He was a past president and fellow of the World Aquaculture Society. His research over the past 30 years focuses on basic and applied science for development of innovative technologies that improve farmed seafood production. His contributions include fundamental studies on physiology, genomics and systems engineering. He has led interdisciplinary studies towards commercial product development for improvement of aquatic animal nutrition and health, advancement of aquaculture production systems, and enhancement of seafood quality. He served as assistant director of the South Carolina Marine Resources Research Institute, leading the Institute’s Waddell Mariculture Research and Development Center. Craig served as executive manager for global aquaculture research and product development for Novus International Inc. He has edited three books and has authored over 100 peer reviewed publications and book chapters.

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