Denny Leonardo
Pandora Aquatech

Denny is a passionate aqua-technologist and a young farmer based in Indonesia. He is CEO of Pandora Aquatech which is a one-stop aquaculture engineering, procurement, construction, and consulting provider focusing on sustainable and scalable shrimp farming. Denny has extensive knowledge and experience in various areas of the aquatech sector, including hatchery, farming systems, animal health and downstream processing. He supports and bridges information between the aquaculture associations in Indonesia including HIPILINDO, APCI (Catfish), ASTI (Tilapia), SCI and PMI. As part of the young farmers community, Denny is interested in the future of the aquaculture industry and aims to lay the building blocks for sustainable and scalable aquaculture, ultimately helping to foster a thriving blue economy.

Group Leader
Group 3
Mass Market Marine Fish