Haris Muhtadi
Associate Director
PT CJ Feed and Livestock Indonesia
Email: harismuhtadi@yahoo.com

Haris Muhtadi is Associate Director, PT CJ Feed and Livestock Indonesia since 2016. He is also Chairman, Aquafeed Division of the Indonesia Feedmills Association (GPMT). A graduate in fisheries from Diponegoro University, Indonesia, Haris started his career in aquaculture in 1990, as a farm technician at a CP Prima farm in Medan, Sumatra where he was responsible for shrimp grow-out farm management and demonstrations to farmers. In 1991-2004, he worked as Sales Manager for shrimp feeds with PT Suri Tani Pemuka and Alltech Biotechnology, and as Technical Sales Manager at Aquaculture Support.

Session 2 Sustainability – Building Consumer Confidence
Presentation Q&A Session (Panellist)