Jeremy Ong
Universal Aquaculture

A serial entrepreneur and investor, Jeremy Ong devotes most of his business endeavours to the incessant pursuit of sustainability and reducing carbon emission. Amongst the various milestones, there was the time in 1999 where he helped the Television Corporation of Singapore reduce up to 50% of carbon output of 70 of their vehicles as well as Tuck Lee Ice in 2000 with their fleet of 30 ice trucks. Nonetheless, after what came up to 2 decades of investing in sustainability and food businesses, Jeremy recognised that for real impact, he had to get operationally involved. Hence, after 6 years of research with a team of seasoned aquaculture experts, Universal Aquaculture was born –  the world’s biggest indoor high density farm for vannamei shrimp with a 60-tonnes annual harvest in a mere 1,400sqm industrial space.

Session 7 Future Growth Needs, Investments And Big Data
Presentation Q&A Session (Panellist)