Josh N Goldman

Australis Aquaculture

Josh is an internationally recognized leader in sustainable seafood who spent the last 30 years developing some of the biggest ideas in aquaculture. Beginning in a solar greenhouse attached to his college dorm, Josh developed some of the foundational technologies used in closed-containment RAS globally.  He co-founded one of the world’s first commercial aquaponic farms which helped introduce tilapia to the American consumer. In 2000, he began a three-year quest to identify the fish species best suited to climate smart ocean farming.

In 2017, Josh founded Greener Grazing to enable cultivation of a novel red seaweed with global-scale potential to reduce the methane emission from ruminant animal production.  He holds multiple patents on water re-use, low carbon shipping and seaweed cultivation technologies and was named a “Seafood Champion” for sustainability by the Seafood Choices Alliance.  Josh is featured in more than 250 media articles on aquaculture and food security, including a 2011 cover story of TIME Magazine and in books by Paul Greenberg, Amanda Little, Richard Munson, Matt Reynolds and others.

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