Lourdes Chingling Tanco
Managing Director
MidaTrade Ventures International Inc
& MidaFood Distributors Inc
Email: chingling@midatrade.com

Lourdes Chingling Tanco is Managing Director, MidaTrade Ventures International Inc/ MidaFood Distributors Inc, and is also Chair of Fisheries & Aquaculture Board, Philippines. She established Mida Trade in May 1990. With more With 30 years of experience in the International Seafood Industry, Chingling gained her experience in the industry, having worked with Singleton, the largest shrimp processing company in the US in the early 80’s. Mida Trade has offices in Manila, Surabaya and Jakarta to service US importers, processors and end-users of seafood who want to import frozen seafood products from the Far East. Mida Trade also provides assistance to processor-exporters of seafood in the Far East looking to expand their markets outside of Japan. Since then, Mida has expanded its range of business to include Europe, Australia, and other markets in Asia.

Session 1 State Of The Industry – Understanding Markets And Consumers
Presentation Q&A Session (Panellist)