Patrick Sorgeloos
Emeritus Professor of Aquaculture
Ghent University

Patrick Sorgeloos obtained his PhD in marine biology in 1975 from the Ghent University in Belgium.
In 1978, he set up the Artemia Reference Center and in 1986, he became the first professor of
aquaculture at Ghent University. Until his retirement as emeritus professor in 2013, over 250 Masters (from > 50 countries) and 70 PhD alumni (from > 20 countries) graduated at Ghent University in the field of aquaculture. Patrick is a strong promoter of international networking in aquaculture and is very active in the World Aquaculture Society, the European Commission (DGs RTD, MARE, DEVCO, SANTE, TRADE) and the European Aquaculture Technology & Innovation Platform (EATIP). He was involved in many collaborative projects in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa. In 1983. he co-founded the spin-off company, Artemia Systems that now operates under the name of INVE Aquaculture (A Benchmark Company). Patrick has received numerous honorary awards in China, Egypt, Greece, India, Malaysia, Russia, Thailand, USA and Vietnam.

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