Ralf Onken
Director, Data Development
Fai Farms
Email: ralf.onken@faifarms.com

Ralf Onken is currently a director of FAI farms and is responsible for all data projects and involvement. The FAI data teams advise and provide software solutions to clients like McDonald’s, KFC, M&S, Ikea, Seafood Norway, Ferrero and other international clients. He is a co-founder and has held senior management positions in several software companies over the last 20 years. Since 2014, he has been focusing on software for improving livestock management including helping farmers and the industry documenting progress and impact. In 2017, he led the development of a digital health portal for Atlantic salmon in Norway which is today the leading tool for salmon health documentation for healthcare companies in Norway and the UK. Germany-born Ralf studied Macro Economics and Quality Management, in both Germany and Norway.

Session 5 Managing Productivity – Survival Rates And Disease Control
Presentation Opportunities In Real-Time Monitoring And Digital Farming Tools – What Are The Key Elements In Health Management For Farmers And The Industry?


There are already a number of tools and apps to support farmers and the industry to improve productivity and even sustainability, and the number and variety of these will continue to increase in the coming years. What can farmers, the industry, governments and solution providers do to ensure they achieve the best results from these solutions? How can the sector capitalise on experience from other global supply chains, like poultry, and from shrimp industry pilot projects in Thailand and elsewhere?

Disease control in shrimp farming is complex. Today, there is no structured or digitalized data sharing on disease outbreaks. Tools available for data reporting in real time could help to control diseases as engaged in Thailand will be discussed. We believe that acting fast and sharing data can help prevent repeats of chronic economic impacts such as with AHPND, WSSV and EHP and ultimately lead to a more resilient and robust shrimp industry.