Rishita Changede

TeOra Pte Ltd

Rishita is the CEO and founder of TeOra, a synthetic biology startup that develops oral vaccines for various applications in disease management and growth enhancement in agriculture, aquaculture, and future foods. TeOra was founded with a vision to bring clean, healthy, and sustainable food for the planet. It specializes in solutions for viral diseases and growth enhancement, to bring better outcomes for the farmers. Rishita leverages her strong scientific background and commercial experience, including an executive MBA, a PhD in Biological Sciences from the National University of Singapore. She is also an advisor to tech startups, and a recipient of multiple awards and publications in high-impact journals. She is passionate about solving global challenges with cutting-edge biotechnology and creating positive impact through entrepreneurship.

Speaker Disease Mitigation: Management and Innovations
Presentation    Next Generation Biotech Solutions for Disease Management and Enhanced Growth for Aquaculture


Most common vaccines are inactivated pathogen vaccines which are injected. This is not scalable or cost effective for lower value tropical species aquaculture. Hence we need new, low cost, scalable solutions for tropical species aquaculture. At TeOra we design next generation vaccine based solutions using our SOLAQ platform which combines cutting edge research in bioinformatics, synthetic biology, precision fermentation and material science to bring orally delivered, safe solutions to manage disease in a natural and sustainable manner in aquaculture.

In addition, we design biotechnology based solutions for growth enhancer in fish, which reduces FCR and enhances muscle growth by increasing protein production without the use of hormones or chemicals. Taken together, our results demonstrate the use of cutting edge biotechnology to reduce costs of aquaculture by reducing disease mortality and improving growth.