Rizky Darmawan
PT Delta Marine Group
Email: rizkydarmawan91@gmail.com

Rizky Darmawan is the CEO of Delta Marine Group, a leading shrimp aquaculture company based in Indonesia. He also founded the Petambak Muda Indonesia (PMI), an association with 200+ members that focuses on building solidarity and spreading new knowledge among young shrimp farmers. PMI’s flagship programs include their annual conference and their newly formed editorial called THE CRUST. Rizky is also active in organizations such as the Shrimp Club Indonesia (SCI) and Indo Nautilus Pharma, another company he co-founded to create sustainable products from shrimp by-products such as chitosan.

Rizky graduated from the University of Washington, Seattle, USA with a Bachelor of Science in Aquatic and Fisheries Science with a minor in Marine Biology in 2013. He attended the Shanghai International Studies University for Chinese Language Courses in 2013-2014.

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