Soraphat Panakorn
Industry Technology Specialist
Aquaculture-Asia Pacific
Novozymes Biologicals

Soraphat Panakorn is Industry Technology Specialist, Aquaculture-Asia Pacific at Novozymes Biologicals based in Thailand. He is VP and Secretary at the Thailand Aquaculture Business Association (TABA) and is a specialist in feed and farm management and shrimp farming. In this capacity, he is responsible for marketing and technical support to shrimp farms globally. Soraphat has worked as a shrimp farm consultant and marketing manager in Thailand and Malaysia, and as aquaculture specialist at Avanti Feeds in India, and technical and marketing support manager for Intecq Feeds in Thailand. He has a bachelor’s degree in fisheries technologies from the Prince of Songkhla University.

Session 4 Margin Optimisation
Presentation Q&A Session (Panellist)