Steve Arce
Director of Technical Services
Kona Bay Shrimp-Hendrix Genetics Aquaculture, USA

Steve M Arce has over 25 years of shrimp technical and management experience, including the research and development of SPF Litopenaeus vannamei shrimp stocks from the Oceanic Institute in Hawaii (part of the USMSFP). He has also provided shrimp breeding and biosecurity consulting services in both Latin America and Asia for both government institutions as well as private commercial companies.

Steve is the Director of Technical Services (Asia Shrimp Unit) for Kona Bay Shrimp-Hendrix Genetics Aquaculture, Hawaii, USA since March 2016. He is responsible for international technical support of SPF L. vannamei broodstock, establishment of new global markets for SPF shrimp lines, logistical support and development of more efficient distribution models for major markets. His focus is also on biosecurity, disease management and best management practices for successful shrimp production. Previously, Steve was Research Associate, Marine Shrimp Program, the Oceanic Institute, Waimanalo, Hawaii and maturation and hatchery of the marine shrimp L. vannamei, including reproduction of specific pathogen free (SPF) stocks. He was responsible for carrying out breeding plans including mating strategies to produce distinct families used in a selective breeding program.

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