Tung Hoang
Principal Research Scientist
Aquaculture Production Systems
Email: tung.hoang@csiro.au

Tung Hoang is Principal Research Scientist in Aquaculture Production Systems at CSIRO, Australia. Before joining CSIRO in 2017, he worked closely with the aquaculture industry in Vietnam for 15 years as a university professor. Tung was involved in the establishment of three aquaculture start-ups between 2011 and 2017. Currently, Tung is leading two international projects that aim to transform P. monodon farming in all production stages (hatchery, nursery and grow-out) and few internal initiatives on development of extensive shrimp farming models for Northern Australia, low-input commercial aerators, natural maturation of shrimp broodstock and production of SPF polychaetes.

Session 3 SWOT Analysis On The Asian Model
Presentation Q&A Session (Panellist)