Wei Che Wen
Sales and Marketing Manager – Asia
Uni-President Vietnam Co. Ltd.
Email: wen.wei@upvn.com.vn

Wei Che Wen Wei is Sales and Marketing Manager – Asia for aquafeed producer Uni-President Vietnam Co., Ltd (UPV), part of Uni-President Enterprise. He joined the company in 2012 after completing his studies in aquaculture in Taiwan. In his first posting at UPV, he oversaw overseas sales including the Southeast Asia market. Currently, he is responsible for developing its aquafeed business as well as providing technical services. Uni-President Enterprise is Taiwan’s largest food conglomerate. It is a pioneer in shrimp feed production in Taiwan and expanded aquafeed production in China in 1995 and Vietnam in 1999. Aquafeed production in Vietnam is for the local market as well as regional markets in India, Malaysia, and the Philippines. With three aquafeed plants and a hatchery and a R&D centre in Soc Trang, UPV is one of the leaders in Vietnam’s shrimp feed market.

Wei graduated from the National Taiwan University with a master’s in aquaculture and has a bachelor’s degree in aquaculture, majoring in feed nutrition from the National Taiwan Ocean University.

Session 7 Future Proofing of Asia’s Shrimp Aquaculture
Presentation Balancing Shrimp Farming Models with Management and Carrying Capacity for the Future Growth of Industry in Vietnam


In Vietnam, according to a survey in 2022, the success rate of shrimp farming is less than 30%. Some areas, such as central Vietnam, are affected more severely by diseases. Therefore, the main goal is to increase customer confidence and offer effective management models to reach a higher success rate in farming.

This presentation will cover the current status of shrimp farming in Vietnam, challenges with diseases, water quality and costs of production. There are already three types of intensive shrimp culture models; earthen and lined earthen ponds and round tanks. The solution for the future economic, environmental, and social sustainability of shrimp farming in Vietnam will depend on how we guide farmers in daily pond and water management and maintain a balanced bacterial system to achieve successful and consistent crops. The goal is to reduce farming costs by 20% and provide stable production of 5kg shrimp/tonnes water and reach the harvest target of size 20~25/kg in 120 days. The data collection from over 300 trial farms with effective solutions for shrimp farming will be discussed.