Willem van der Pijl
Shrimp Insights
Violenstraat 43
3551 BB Utrecht
The Netherlands
Email:  willem@shrimpinsights.com

Willem van der Pijl has been in aquaculture for the past 10 years. In the past, he worked as a business developer for a well-known NGO, and at a top university. He founded a market-leading seafood market intelligence company, published several leading industry publications, and is a regular conference speaker. Throughout his career, he has worked in the industry across Asia and South America. Willem is renowned worldwide for his work as a shrimp industry analyst and currently owns Shrimp Insights, a consultancy and publication company. In March 2021, he also joined Aqua-Spark where he is responsible for Aqua Insights, an open-access aquaculture industry publication series.

Session 1 State-of-the-Industry – Understanding Markets And Consumers
Presentation An EU Market Perspective Of Asian Shrimp Production

Abstract :

The Asian shrimp industry is at a crossroad and before making decisions as to which direction to take, we need to carefully study the markets they hope to supply. In this presentation, Willem will take you back to 2016-2020 to look at EU shrimp imports and identify trends that are relevant for shrimp producers in Asia to understand. He will also look at the current market situation and how the market is doing while COVID-19 in the EU is on its return. He will then zoom in on how Asian shrimp producers can respond to the trends in the EU and what Asian producers can learn from South America. After having watched this presentation, he hopes to inspire stakeholders to look at Asian shrimp production through a market lens and to make smart decisions that will contribute to a sustainable future for your shrimp industry.