The Aquaculture Roundtable Series (TARS 2015), Aqua Feeds 2.0: From Farm to Plate

The aqua feed industry in Asia has been growing in parallel with Asia’s production of freshwater and marine fish and shrimp. However, as there is great expectation for aquaculture to meet the shortfall of capture fisheries and cater to the increasing global demand for safe and sustainable products, the aqua feed industry has to not only stay ahead of demand but also support sustainable farming. Along the supply chain in commercial aquaculture, aqua feeds determine the efficiency of spawning, transformation and survival of larvae to juveniles, productivity at grow-out, and finally fillet percentage and consumer acceptance on taste and texture. Advances in nutrition and formulation should design optimal feeds to meet requirements at each stage of the animal’s growth as well as the demands of the consumer.

As aquaculture moves towards an integrated supply chain, there are constant challenges for the industry. Markets demand superior feeds based on sound nutrition which comply with sustainability practices that address environmental and social aspects, in addition to food safety. In intensive production systems, aqua feeds represent the highest cost input and lowering this cost is essential for the long-term economic sustainability of fish and shrimp farming.

The fifth Aquaculture Roundtable Series (TARS 2015), Aqua Feeds 2.0: From Farm to Plate will look at how feeds can add value along the supply chain, from farm to plate. The supply chain for shrimp, freshwater and marine fish share similar bottlenecks but each has its own opportunity and threats. TARS 2015 will explore the influence of feeds on the various phases of production: from maturation and hatchery, to nursery, grow-out and processing, and branding. As we learn to survive diseases in all species, TARS 2015 will also focus on functional feeds and building immunity.


As with the past four successful roundtable series, TARS has become the industry’s foremost opinion-leading aquaculture events in Asia. A host of international experts will facilitate the plenary and breakout sessions which have become the hallmarks of this critical series.

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TARS 2015 brings together key stakeholders from the academia, policymakers, NGOs, integrators, investors, farmers and technical staff, feed suppliers, nutritionists, ingredient and equipment specialists, and marketers.