TARS 2017 on Finfish Aquaculture: Strategies for Growth

Asia’s production of farmed fish is in constant demand to compensate for declines in the supply of fish protein from capture fisheries and to feed the rising middle income in China, India and South East Asia. Globally, fish competes with poultry and beef but its health attributes as a provider of long chain omega fatty acids is an advantage. The industry in Asia needs to achieve growth and be a trusted and responsible fish supplier for an increasing global population.

Currently, there is huge disconnect between demand and supply in Asia. There is the high-end supply of live marine fish for local and regional markets. Frozen fillet of tilapia and pangasius lead in the low-end white fish international fish trade. While there are large investments in production, there has been little effort on product development, branding and marketing.

The theme for this seventh Aquaculture Roundtable Series (TARS) 2017 is Finfish Aquaculture: Strategies for Growth.  TARS 2017’s focus on finfish aquaculture is the second in this roundtable series. At TARS 2013, the focus was industrialisation along the value chain.  TARS 2017 will look at the growth potential of the industry in Asia and develop strategic approaches towards market driven production. The challenges include:

  • A new generation of consumers demanding premium products at no additional cost; and markets demanding products that adhere to environmental and social norms, and food safety.
  • Industrialisation, integration, controlled production systems and better management protocols for higher production efficiency and lower production costs.
  • Huge image and credibility issues from negative media reports and malpractices at the farm level.
  • Lack of R&D on genetics, feeds, health and diseases, andthe development of support industries, hindered by the farming of multiple species.


Now in its seventh year, the agenda for TARS 2017 will feature:

  • Plenary Sessions with 16 presentations by invited experts from the industry and academia to share their knowledge and experiences.
  • Dialogue with Finfish Farmers with hard-hitting questions on business and farming models, challenges, successes and opportunities.
  • Breakout Roundtable Sessions aimed at problem solving, sharing of experiences, identifying strategies and key deliverables.
  • Panel Discussions on output from the breakout roundtable sessions.

Delegate Profile

TARS 2017 presents a unique platform for information sharing, dialogue and networking opportunities with Asia’s key players in the finfish aquaculture sector – CEOs, geneticists, farm managers, integrators, feed producers, technologists, investors, marketers, as well as governments, NGOs and academia.