TARS 2024 will be held August 14-15, 2024 at the Avani+ Riverside Bangkok Hotel, Thailand.


August 14-15, 2024 • Avani + Riverside Bangkok Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

The Aquaculture Roundtable Series (TARS) 2024 will address Finfish Aquaculture: Steering an Industry into Focus. The past finfish aquaculture series held 2013 and 2017, respectively, looked at developing growth strategies and industrialization.

A Recap of TARS 2023

While there are large and successful integrated operations making waves globally, most stakeholders in Asia are still seeking focus and directions for growth. Production from Asia is still associated with lower value fish such as the tilapia and pangasius. There are no significant marine fish and Asia has lagged its temperate species peers in the past decade. Why is that and what is holding it back?

This year, TARS offers expert analysis, business models, technology, innovations, and state-of-the-art biotechnology along the entire supply chain – from genetics to production to markets. 

  • The marine fish sector is production-led with multiple species of marine fish farmed, resulting in a lack of economies of scale. More importantly, this slows R&D from genetics, feed development to vaccines.  
  • Asia is a leading supplier of tilapia and pangasius but is threatened with rising costs and cyclic lows in farmgate prices. Has supply exceeded demand or is Asia poor in branding, marketing, and sustainability? 
  • Asian producers need directions to meet demands for environmental sustainability, certification, traceability and fish welfare. 
  • Industry expansion requires investments to grow the various segments or is the ROI uninteresting. What are the catalysts of change for investors or innovators?


TARS 2024 is the ideal platform for networking and dialogue among Asia’s key players in the finfish aquaculture sector including: CEOs/Owners • CTOs • Geneticists • Farm and Hatchery Managers & Technicians •  Integrators • Feed and Feed Additive Producers • Nutritionists • Processors • Technologists • Suppliers • Marketeers • Startups • Innovators • Investors • Governments• Researchers • NGOs • Academia.


TARS 2024 welcomes the industry to be partners to guide Asia’s finfish aquaculture towards a responsible and sustainable industry. TARS offers direct access to your target audience and customer base. It is the ideal platform to network with participants from the Asia Pacific region.

Email: Zuridah Merican –  zuridah@aquaasiapac.com /  Irene Gomez – irene@corpmediapl.com

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