Alexander Farthing
Alune Aquaculture

Alexander Farthing is the Founder and CEO at Alune Aquaculture, an aquaculture financial solutions company accelerating access to capital in the Indonesian shrimp industry. The team at Alune combines precision science with over 40 years of experience in financial services, making Alune the preferred partner of financial and commercial organizations investing in shrimp aquaculture. Alune has developed credit, risk, and management support solutions to enable the deployment of impact funds, working capital, renewable energy, farm infrastructure investments, and value chain finance. Alexander has a MSc in aquaculture from Plymouth University, UK, with a specialisation in mechanical engineering and water chemistry. He was professionally trained in technology development in London and has co-designed world-leading healthcare products.

Session 7 Future Growth Needs Investments And Big Data
Presentation Unlocking Investment: Consistency, Record Keeping And Risk Mitigation


Investors are increasingly recognizing the attractive returns that investing in shrimp farming can produce, yet most investment to date has been directed towards corporate-scale operations pre-integrated into the value chain. For the majority of shrimp farmers, accessing finance to grow or maintain their business remains challenging, with banks cautious to invest in infrastructure and many informal investment providers requiring high-profit shares or unattractive ownership positions.

This presentation explores what the real risks investors want to understand are, and how farmers, technology providers, feed companies, and processors can help investors understand and mitigate risks, to the benefit of the industry.

Investors are increasingly looking to invest responsibly and create social or environmental impact. This trend is an opportunity for farmers to access finance from new investors, but what does this really mean, how accessible is it and what can farmers do to prepare for this type of funding?

We explain the steps and process Alune uses to assess investment opportunities and the steps farms should take today, so they are ready for investment into their business tomorrow or years from now.