Cynthia Darmawan
PT Delta Marine Group

Cynthia is Chief Operating Officer at Delta Marine Group, one of Indonesia’s leading aquaculture companies focussing on the sustainability of the industry. She joined this family company in 2016 and was in charge of the company’s properties and construction projects while learning to take over the group’s downstream business.  Currently she is responsible for the management of company’s aquaculture farm ventures, spanning Surabaya to Sumbawa Island.

Cynthia Darmawan has a degree in Design & Architecture, specialising in Adaptive Reuse Architecture, from the prestigious and world renown Rhode Island School of Design. She has been using her design background to push the construction technology to increase efficiency in aquaculture.

She is also Chairwoman of Petambak Muda Indonesia (PMI) or Indonesia Young Shrimp Farmer Association. It is a community that started with a group of second-generation farmers.  The association has grown into 250+ members of young business owners that specifically operate in the shrimp aquaculture industry. PMI’s activities include hosting their annual Shrimp Aquaculture Conference (SAC), a farmer-minded event to share knowledge and connect with stakeholders of the industry.