Ei Lin Ooi
Regional Manager, Aquaculture Asia-Pacific
Adisseo Asia Pacific
Email: eilin.ooi@adisseo.com

Ooi Ei Lin is Regional Manager, Aquaculture Asia-Pacific with Adisseo Asia Pacific, based in Singapore. Ei Lin graduated with a PhD in Aquatic Biosciences from Tokyo University of Fisheries, Japan, MSc in Aquatic Pathobiology from University of Stirling, Scotland, and BSc in Marine Biology from University of Guelph, Canada. Her post-doctoral research in mucosal immunology was in developing rice-based vaccines using aquatic animals as models. Ei Lin has lived in at least 6 countries and has worked with feedmills and farms in Asia-Pacific to bring the benefits of functional additives to aquaculture. She has applied her background in aquatic molecular immunology to developing and bringing science-based technologies for animal health and nutrition. She has established an aqua research facility in Vietnam, managed regional technical teams and participated in numerous research projects with scientists globally. The outcomes of some of that work have been published in international peer-reviewed journals. Ei Lin has been on the Executive Committee of the Asian Fisheries Society Fish health section and has supervised post-graduate students at several universities.

Session 4 Matching Industry Needs with Precision Shrimp Nutrition, Health Interventions and Feed Efficiency
Presentation Harnessing Shrimp Health with Functional Nutrition


Shrimp aquaculture has experienced remarkable growth as a major global industry, necessitating a thorough understanding of the health and nutritional requirements for these crustaceans. To ensure optimal production performance, shrimp farmers must employ effective feeding strategies, utilizing high-quality feeds that meet the specific dietary needs of shrimp at various growth stages. Additionally, understanding the digestive physiology and feeding behavior of shrimp is crucial for developing appropriate feeding protocols.

Diseases occur when the animal, environment and pathogen are challenged or put out of balance. This results in a state in which normal biological functions are disturbed or altered at cellular, tissue, organ or whole organism level. While it’s important to identify the causative agents and its etiology, for a farmer, what really matters is the impact the disease has on the farm’s production potential.

Functional nutritional additives, encompass a wide range of substances, including probiotics, prebiotics, immunostimulants, enzymes, antioxidants, organic acids and phytobiotics. They have gained importance in playing a critical role as valuable tools for enhancing shrimp health and performance. The utilization of functional additives offers numerous benefits, including enhancing, disease resistance, immune function, and overall productivity.