Loc Tran
Founder & Director
ShrimpVet Laboratory
Email: thuuloc@email.arizona.edu

Loc Tran is Founder and Director of ShrimpVet Laboratory in Vietnam as well as Senior Advisor for Minh Phu AquaMekong. ShrimpVet, founded in 2013, is an independent research company that provides various services and products for the global shrimp sector. It has a state-of-the-art shrimp and fish disease diagnostics laboratory and is also a vertically integrated operation with a commercial hatchery/nursery and algae laboratory, grow-out farm. Research at ShrimpVet includes genetics, disease diagnostics and disease management, hatchery and farming technologies, nutrition, therapeutics development and new aquaculture technologies.

Loc Tran is a shrimp expert and entrepreneur with a PhD in shrimp pathology and disease from the University of Arizona, USA and an MBA in business finance from Andrews University, Scotland.  He is also the director of the Asian Pacific Aquaculture chapter of the World Aquaculture Society and another spin-off aquaculture business. He has worked with many organizations and institutions worldwide to foster sustainable aquaculture practices and innovations. Loc Tran is a visionary leader and innovator who creates value for the industry and society.

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