Martin Guerin
Regional Technical Manager Aquaculture
Asia Pacific / Indian Sub-Continent
ADISSEO Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Martin Guerin is a graduate from Auburn University, USA (Masters in fish nutrition), and holder of master level degrees in agricultural science and business management from French universities (Institut National Agronomique Paris-Grignon and Universite de Paris-Dauphine). He has worked for more than 30 years in the aqua feeds and feed additives industry, including 20 years in Asia. After for the aquaculture nutrition division of Gold Coin Group for 14 years, overseeing commercial aquafeeds formulation, R&D, research farms, and technical support, he spent 3 years as a private technical consultant in aquaculture nutrition providing advice to commercial feed operations and feed additives companies, before joining ADISSEO in 2019.

Session 6 Where Are The Weak Links?
Presentation Functional Feed Additives In Shrimp Farming To Reduce The Impact From Diseases: Are They Really Worth It?


 Although the disease threat remains a top concern among shrimp farmers, on a worldwide basis, the adoption of functional health feeds remains inconsistent and less generalized than in farmed fish in Europe.  Furthermore, despite strong efforts by the industry to reduce the use of antibiotics, countries importing shrimp continue to detect banned antibiotics residues in imported shrimp. To improve this, it is critical to overcome several challenges.

The presentation will illustrate how to address these challenges, which are:

  • Challenge #1: Proof of concept. Several laboratory studies are needed to demonstrate efficacy against specific pathogens.
  • Challenge #2: Field testing. Additives need to retain efficacy under field conditions that combine many types of pathogens and stress factors.
  • Challenge #3: Change mentalities of farmers from a corrective strategy to a preventive strategy and ensure that customers make decisions based on USD/kg shrimp produced and the farming sustainability.