Romi Novriadi
Senior Researcher
Directorate General of Aquaculture

Romi Novriadi is Senior Researcher at the Directorate General of Aquaculture, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Indonesia and Vice Chairman of the Indonesia Aquaculture Society. His research expertise is in aquaculture nutrition, immunology, aquaculture technology and disease management. Romi has a MSc degree in aquaculture from Ghent University, Belgium and under the Fulbright program, he obtained his PhD from Auburn University, Alabama, USA. Romi is currently focusing on the development of shrimp farming systems, evaluation of nutritional requirements for shrimp and marine fish. He also facilitates the evaluation of novel ingredients and feed supplemental properties to enhance the growth and health status of aquatic organisms. Romi is the founder of (super) intensive farming system for vannamei shrimp culture in the concrete tank.

Session 4 Margin Optimisation
Presentation Q&A Session (Moderator)