Romi Novriadi
Jakarta Technical University of Fisheries
Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries

Romi Novriadi is Lecturer at the Jakarta Technical University of Fisheries or known as Politeknik Ahli Usaha Perikanan, Agency for Marine Affairs and Fisheries Research and Development, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Republic of Indonesia. Romi is also Vice Chairman of Indonesia Aquaculture Society and Editor in Chief of the Indonesian Fisheries Research Journal (IFRJ).

Currently, Romi focusses on the development of intensive shrimp farming system and economical aquafeed, evaluation of nutritional requirements for shrimp and fish as well as facilitatation of the evaluation of novel ingredients and feed supplemental properties to enhance the growth and health status of aquatic organisms. He also acts as a promoter to link research institutes with industry to review the feed formulations and manufacturing process, aquaculture management practices, and identify relevant research to enhance the aquaculture productivity and efficiency.

He has published more than 35 peer reviewed research articles in the area of his expertise which include aquaculture nutrition, shrimp and fish farming, functional feed, immunology, aquaculture technology and diseases management. Romi has a MSc in Aquaculture from Ghent University – Belgium and obtained Ph. D in Fisheries and Allied Aquaculture from the Auburn University, Alabama, USA under a Fulbright scholarship.

Session 4 Matching Industry Needs with Precision Shrimp Nutrition, Health Interventions and Feed Efficiency